Our weather has been crazy for the past month.  From sub zero temperatures to snow, then rain, then freezing rain, and sub zero temperatures again is the definition of a Canadian winter weather roller coaster!  But as I look at the 14 day forecast, I figure this craziness can’t last forever and the temperatures are predicted (hahaha!) to be closer to the freezing mark.  Does anyone remember what the groundhog said?  I say it’s time to start tapping!

Chris had his left carpal tunnel surgery last Tuesday but I didn’t let him stay on the gimp, I mean invalid list for very long.  He’s being careful (I hope!) and his right hand is running the drill just fine.

We’ll spend the next few days tapping the trees and repairing the pipeline system throughout the bush.  The rodent damage (those darned squirrels!) is a challenge to say the least.  And the ash borer is very real and has killed all the ash trees in our bush.  With each wind storm, more ash trees have fallen, many of them across the pipeline.   When I count the growth rings on the fallen ash, some are nearly 100 years old.   It’s sad to see so many  dead ash trees.

Tomorrow is Family Day and we’ll be busy at OurSugarBush getting ready for our maple syrup season.  Watch our facebook page for upcoming Family and Friends Day.  We hope to see you soon!

We  maple!