Wow, this sure is wacky weather!  We’ve been busy in the sugar bush installing a new mainline and taps and got caught in this early spring-like weather that left us scrambling to get all of our equipment ready for the maple season.

We started tapping trees on January 31, the earliest we’ve ever tapped – I said that last year when tapping started on February 4. Looking back over the past few weeks, did we even have a winter?  Lesson learned over the past 2 years, we need to be ready for the maple syrup season earlier than normal.

My hope is for those very warm days to stay away for a few more weeks which I know isn’t a popular opinion but we need +5°C through the day and -5°C at night to keep the sap flowing in the trees.  A little snow on the ground would be nice too!

OurSugarBush Maple Days are coming soon so please follow our facebook page for dates and times for the next pancake opportunity.  We love sharing our maple goodness with our family and friends.

We sure appreciate your support of our small farming business.

I maple!