Hi Maple Loving Friends!

Time flies. Where did 2022 go?  Where did January and February go?

We’ve been busy in the sugar bush for a few weeks now, cutting and splitting firewood and getting our maple syrup equipment ready for another season.  We started tapping the trees on February 4, the earliest we’ve ever tapped.  The winter weather in January and February was kind of wimpy, you know, rainy, cloudy, yukky, not very cold.  We (and a lot of other maple syrup producers) are concerned about global warming and will it eventually wipe out our maple syrup season, I sure hope not.   Here it is March and winter is finally acting like winter.  I prefer the seasons to act like they are supposed to, you know, spring shouldn’t act like summer and summer shouldn’t act like fall, and fall shouldn’t act like winter.  And winter needs to act like winter!   There, I’m sure many of you wouldn’t agree with me and would rather forgo winter all together.   Not me, I like winter and I love our maple season!

Seeing as we tapped in early February, our maple season seems rather long.  We had a big start in the middle of February and had some pretty good sap runs.  Then a week or so of not very much sap and this past week it was pretty good again.  So I’m hoping for those sunny +5°C days and those frosty -5°C nights and some snow to keep the ground cool for the rest of March.  With those weather conditions, we’ll be making maple syrup!

We’ll be hosting some OurSugarBush Family and Friends Maple Days over the coming weekends, weather permitting, for outdoor self tours and some pancakes.  Dress warm and wear your boots!  Watch our facebook page for dates and times.  Come out and enjoy our maple goodness with us!

As always, thanks for your support of our small farming business.

I maple!