Hi Maple Friends!

To say the last year has been a challenge is an understatement.  We could never have imagined that 2020 would have turned out like it did.  And here it is 2021 and we’re still facing the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Needless to say, work in OurSugarBush continues regardless!

We’ve worked on our trails, added more mainline and taps, and built a new collection shed in the past year.  We trucked in several loads of gravel last fall and spread around the cabin which has eliminated the mud…thank goodness!  There’s never an end to the work and improvements but it truly is a labour of love.

With February’s freezing cold temperatures, we didn’t start tapping until the end of February this year.  Those -20°C nights (which you’ve likely long forgotten about) kept us from getting an early tapping start and then, of course, the weather instantly warms up to get the sap flowing in the trees.  Oh well, we’re tapped, collecting sap and making maple syrup now!

Many have asked if we are accepting visitors this year at OurSugarBush.  We’ve made a tough decision to limit visits again this year.  There’s so many rules and regulations for public gatherings that it seems in everyone’s best interest that we don’t have an open house again this year.  However, we are open for sales and if the gate is open, please stop by and pick up your maple syrup supply. If you would rather call or send a message to order, please do and we can arrange a pickup time or delivery.

Stay healthy, stay safe and we’ll get through this pandemic.