For several years now, we have tapped in February and made maple syrup before the end of the month.  Last year we tapped in January, believe it or not and made syrup in February.  This year… not!  Here it is mid March, St. Patrick’s Day, and we’ve finally made some maple syrup.   The sap finally started running about mid-week and we are very happy, needless to say!

The season “start up” is always busy.  Finding all the pieces and parts of our equipment that has been stored away is a challenge.  Every year I promise myself I will do a better job of organizing all the nuts, bolts, fittings, taps, connectors, tanks, and widgets.  We are also busy fixing leaks in the pipeline system.  Those cute little squirrels with the bushy tails chew pin holes in our pipeline causing vacuum leaks and  poor efficiency of our sap collection system.  The wind damage last weekend also toppled more dead ash trees.  There’s never a shortage of work to do!

Don’t forget that we are participating in Maple Weekend, hosted by the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association  on April 6 and 7, 2019 from 10 AM to 4 PM.   Stop by for a first-hand opportunity to see how maple products are produced, from tree to table, along with the chance to taste and purchase quality maple products.

We’ll also be hosting our annual Family and Friends Day on Saturday March 23.  Starting about 9 am we’ll have pancakes hot off the griddle and lots of fresh maple syrup. Come out for a visit to our little cabin and appreciate the goodness of our maple tress! There’s limited parking in the driveway so you might have to park along side the road. Oh, and if it’s muddy, wear your rubber boots! 8759 Toll Gate Rd.