Do you love maple?  Then OurSugarBush Maple Butter is a must try for you soon!  This creamy maple goodness is made from one ingredient – 100% OurSugarBush maple syrup heated,  cooled and stirred to creamy perfection.

Maple butter, also known as maple cream is a confection that is made from 100% pure maple syrup with a smooth spreadable consistency. Spread it on your toast, waffles, pancakes, or crepes and savour the delicious maple flavour. Try a spoonful on your sweet potatoes or steamed carrots or just pop it right in your mouth! If you are a maple lover, you will maple butter.

Yes, the season has started for us.  We worked in the bush last weekend and every afternoon this past week tapping trees.  We hope to be done tapping today or tomorrow and we will then be ready to start collecting that sweet sap.

We will be hosting our annual Family and Friends Day in March.  Watch our Facebook page for dates in March.

Let the maple fun begin!