Where did the winter go?  Or did we even have much of a winter?  I keep expecting the big dump of snow that lasts more than 3 days but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  So it’s time to tap the maple trees and get ready for another maple syrup season.

Actually, we’ve been busy in the sugar bush for over a month now and finished tapping the trees about the 20th of February.  From a farming perspective, the first crop of the season is being harvested right now!  We made our first batch of maple syrup last Friday.  I’ve had lots of inquiries about the weather and how it will affect the maple syrup.  I won’t have the answer to that question until April, when the maple syrup season is over.  Mother Nature is fickle and in this business of farming, we hurry up and wait for the weather.

We’ve been busy in the cabin installing a new wood cook stove and chimney.  We’ve dumped more sand in the driveway to try and get rid of some of the mud but I think we just created sand mud.  Be sure to wear your rubber boots if you stop by for a visit.

The sap flowing in the maple trees is a sure sign of spring – I never pay too much attention to that groundhog.  And I saw a flock of tundra swans this morning heading towards Aylmer which is also more reliable than that old groundhog.

We’ll keep an eye on the weather and plan Our annual Family and Friends Day soon.  We’re also participating in the Sweet Ontario Maple Weekend to be held the first weekend in April.  Follow us on our facebook page www.facebook.com/oursugarbush for our event dates and times.  And if you’re in the area and the gate is open, stop in and say hi! There’s likely a pancake hot off the griddle waiting for you to pour on some fresh maple syrup.