Hi Maple friends!

Our maple season is just about ready to start!

We have been busy working in the bush for weeks now, getting wood cut and cleaning up fallen trees and brush, the never ending jobs that we really enjoy.  Now it’s time to get the trees tapped and get that sap flowing through the sap lines to the tanks, through the reverse osmosis, pumped over to the cabin into the evaporator over the fire and transformed into the sweet maple goodness that we all love. What a journey for the slightly sweet sap that the maple trees offer us every spring.  Yum!

As the provincial restriction lift, we are making plans on how we can welcome our maple loving friends back into OurSugarBush to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!  Our Maple Days will be held on weekends, weather permitting, for outdoor self tours and of course, pancakes!  We won’t be able to seat you in the cabin to enjoy your pancakes due to that pesky virus but hope to have picnic tables outside with some warmth from a campfire.  Stay tuned to our social media for dates and times.

The trees are almost tapped and we are waiting for the weather to warm up a bit for the sap to get flowing so we can get going!  We need the freezing and thawing temperature to be about +5°C during the day and – 5°C at night for the maple magic to begin, hopefully soon!

As always, thanks for your support of our small farming business.